Retro Collection

Winners' Watch

Very distinctive and recognizable watches – looking more like pocket than wrist ones – can often be seen on the wrists of the Red Army soldiers and officers in the front photographs and war newsreels. A large white dial, a brass case, easy to read numbers.

The famous K-43 watches were originally pocket ones and were manufactured at the Zlatoust Watch Factory (formerly the First State Watch Factory) among others. However, the pocket version was not quite convenient when a watch owner was constantly on the move, and the dial had to be in sight at any second. And the first wrist chronometers appeared very quickly and easily – lugs were welded on to the pocket watch case and straps were pulled through them.

Such watches were awarded for special services and highly appreciated by their owners. They were true to their owners’ salt and, along with weapons, helped the long-awaited Great Victory to draw closer.

Years later the ZWF resumed the production of these famous watches, both pocket and wrist ones.  The collectible replica made of modern materials is an absolute copy of the legendary Soviet military chronometer of the Great Patriotic War era. We left the appearance untouched and took the liberty to bring in just one extra detail – the back cover of the watch can be engraved according to your wishes.

The Pobeda 195 and pocket 192 watches are meant for real patriots, for those who appreciate their country’s history and cherish the memory of it. They never stay unnoticed and always draw increased attention.