Retro Collection

Winners' Watch

In front-line photographs and military newsreels, you can often see on the wrists of soldiers and officers of the red Army a very characteristic and recognizable watch, more like a pocket watch than a hand watch. Large white dial, brass case, easy-to-read numbers.

This watches, the famous K-43, was originally pocket-sized, produced during the war, including at the Zlatoust Watch Factory. But the pocket version was not very convenient in conditions when the owner of the watch is constantly in motion, and the dial should be in front of your eyes at any second. And the first hand – held chronometers appeared very simply and quickly-the ears were welded to the case of the pocket ones and the strap was pulled through.

Such watches were awarded for special merits and were highly valued by their owners, who served faithfully and along with weapons helped bring the long-awaited Great Victory closer.

Years later, Zlatoust Watch Factory resumed the production of these famous watches, both classic pocket and wrist watches. The collectible replica, made of modern materials, completely repeats the legendary Soviet military chronometer of the second world war. We left the appearance untouched, and allowed ourselves to make the only additional touch-the possibility of individual decoration of the back cover of the watch with an engraving or a gift inscription, at the request of the customer.

The Pobeda («Victory») watch and the pocket watch 192AIZH are designed for true patriots, for those who appreciate the history of their country and keep the memory of it. They do not go unnoticed and always attract increased attention.