Zlatoust 292 Bronze 60 mm Sapphire Mokume

Zlatoust 292 Bronze 60 mm Sapphire Mokume
1 130 USD
  • Dial diameter: 60
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Dial diameter: 60
  • Case material: Naval Bronze
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal
  • Dial: Mokume Luminous dial (radioactive elements are excluded)
  • Movement: 17 jewels
  • Water resistance: 700 meters
  • Power reserve (not less than): 35 hours
  • Functions: Hours, minutes
  • Crown position: Left or right side
  • Hand-assembled: Yes
  • Made in: Russia
  • Self-winding: No
  • Certificate of compliance: № РОСС RU.ИФ06.К00037

Only manual assembly, only mechanics, no automatic stamping, and only unique domestic materials – this is the categorical principle of the masters of the Zlatoust Watch Factory. And the main feature of this series of watches is the ship's (sea) bronze, which is used for their production. This strong and relatively light alloy perfectly resists the action of sea water and atmospheric influences. Corrosion resistance is extremely necessary for ships, deep-sea vehicles and watches, which are constantly in the aggressive environment of ocean waves, with which divers dive into the depths. In addition, bronze gives the case, outline and protective cap of the watch a unique and recognizable patinated yellow color.

Another highlight of the model, which literally makes this watch exclusive, is the dial created by the unique Japanese technology mokume gane («mo» - wood, «kume» - texture, «gane» - metal). It is based on working with steel with a high content of carbon, bronze, brass and copper. The difficulty lies in the fact that each of these metals has its own melting point, and sometimes the masters manage to achieve the most incredible combinations. Every watches 292 Mokume, in fact, are created in a single instance.

The piece of «mokume» used for the production of the dial is repeatedly pressed, cut, minted, forged, twisted like dough, so that the inner layers are on the surface and lie down in an intricate pattern. Each pattern created is unique, even the exact repetition of all technological stages with the same materials does not allow you to get a pair of identical products.

Laconic and strict design, exclusive dial with an impressive diameter of 60 mm, reliably protected by a strong sapphire glass-such a watch can be seen from afar, and absolutely everyone understands who the real master of time is-the owner of 292 Bronze.


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Zlatoust 292 Bronze 60 mm Sapphire Mokume
1 130 USD