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a man's temper
There is nothing superfluous in them. They are concise and so self-sufficient that they do not need additional decorations. Severe male beauty, brutal character and absolute reliability as the personification of its master. Just a watch. Just for men.
Manual assembly
Perfect processing and jewelry-precise execution of any smallest detail is an indicator of the highest professionalism and a guarantee of quality and reliability of each copy.
Unique technologies
The symbiosis of the latest scientific developments and the secrets of the old masters gives a wide scope for experiments and allows you to achieve the most unexpected results. Dials made of Damascus steel with its unique pattern, or made in the rarest technique of mokume gane, cases made of zirconium, titanium or marine bronze. Every watch is the only one in the world.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chelyabinsk strongman gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a watch and a model of a tank.

The competition for the world's strongest men, the annual Arnold Strongman Classic, was held for several days in Columbus, Ohio. Mikhail Koklyaev came to the tournament as a coach of his pupil Valery Savin. In addition, strongman tried to break the world record in the snatch with one hand. And according to the already established tradition, the famous Chelyabinsk resident presented gifts to the founder of the tournament Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Three Chelyabinsk athletes planned to participate in the Arnold Strongman Classic, but Alexey Serebryakov was refused a visa. Thus, the Chelyabinsk region was represented by Valery Savin and Mikhail Koklyaev, who trained him. The popular athlete this time decided to break the Guinness world record for the snatch with one hand. Strongman managed to lift 116.5 kilograms with his right hand, but the torn corn did not allow him to fix the result.

After the competition, Mikhail Koklyaev, who wore a Uralvagonzavod t-shirt, presented Arnold Schwarzenegger with unusual gifts.

- In the photo, Arnold is holding a model of the T-90 tank from Uralvagonzavod and a diving watch 193 Titanium, Zlatoust Watch Factory, the very first model in a titanium case. It was nice to give it to him, God grant him health — Mikhail Koklyaev wrote on his Vkontakte page.

It is worth noting that this is not the first gift from Chelyabinsk to a Hollywood actor. In 2013, Mikhail Koklyaev presented Schwarzenegger with the greatcoat of a Colonel of the police Academy. The former Governor of California was genuinely pleased with the original souvenir. He last wore the Russian uniform in 1988 on the set of the film "Red heat". Arnold Schwarzenegger as captain Ivan Danko looked great in the greatcoat of a Soviet policeman. Mikhail Koklyaev "promoted" the actor in the title and offered to shoot a sequel to the film.
Mikhail Koklyaev
Mikhail Koklyaev
Mikhail Koklyaev. Watch for the big man.

There are many famous people among the owners of our watches. Among them, Mikhail Koklyaev is a Russian athlete of power sports (weightlifting, powerlifting, power extreme). Eight-time champion of Russia in weightlifting in the weight category over 105 kg, master of sports of international class in weightlifting, master of sports of international class in powerlifting according to WPC.

Mikhail is the owner of the 192 watch. He got them as a gift from a friend a few years ago. Here's what he says:

- I like this watch for its reliability: it does not break, it is easy to start, it always shows the exact time. They are really unique! The watch looks simple, there is nothing superfluous on the dial, only glowing turquoise hands and hour divisions. And a person who has such a "simple" chronometer on his hand does not seem simple at all. It was pretty cool!

In addition, they fit me in size (smiles). It's a big watch, and I'm pretty big myself. They can also injure someone if they attacks you (laughs). Mikhail Koklyaev also says that the Zlatoust Factory Watches’ naval history is important for him.

- I myself served under a contract in the division of ships of the Northern fleet, - says the strongman. – Therefore, I know that earlier such watches from Zlatoust were worn by divers on the forearm, closer to the elbow, so that when working at depth, they did not bring the brush to the face. One look at them was enough to know how long a person had been under water. Therefore, I appreciate this watch also as a marine professional accessory.

I wear them almost every day. Just changed the strap. Now I have it in the colors of the St. George ribbon. Today, you rarely find things that exude strength, masculinity and reliability. The Zlatoust watch is just like that. I would like to wish the plant to remain conservative, in the good sense of the word, and to continue to keep the brand of a strong Soviet military quality mark.
Kirill Sarychev
Kirill Sarychev
Zlatoust watch lit up in the show strange, but wildly popular.

Zlatoust diving watches are especially loved by famous and very strong people. Watches from the Urals are in their collections Arnold Schwarzenegger and Haftar Bernsson (star of the TV series "Game of thrones"), they mark the time between training domestic bodybuilders – Mikhail Koklyaev and Sergey Badyuk. But even among these strongmen, powerlifter Kirill Sarychev @kirillsarychev, nicknamed "the Russian giant", stands out with special strength and fame.

One of the business cards of Sarychev is his wrist watch-diving 193 with a black leather bracelet from the Zlatoust watch factory. Not so long ago, Kirill appeared with them on his powerful wrist in an Internet show, quite strange, but wildly popular. Almost three million views in the first day of the show – this is a very cool figure. And five issues of the show "Stone faces" have collected more than 50 million views in total.

Men stand in front of each other and exchange slaps with all the dope. One at a time. Under the supervision of the judge - Kirill Sarychev. An authoritative strongman and athlete makes sure that slaps are applied correctly – with an open palm, go to the cheek, and not on the ear, and so on. However, sometimes the "Russian giant" itself suffers, but not from slaps, no…

- Once I was on the set approached from the back of some puny guy, - says Kirill, - sprinkled with flour and stands, shoots on the phone, waiting for my reaction. I rubbed my eyes, shake it off as best I can, and go to him. He cringed and grimaced, as if he was expecting me to hit him, but he kept filming with his phone. I silently took his cell phone, deleted this video from everywhere. He sobbed, can you imagine? He says to me, "Why did you delete it? I wanted a hype."

Interestingly, Sarychev, holding the position of President of the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) and being a master of sports of international class, can afford to regularly change personal cars. But the model of the chronometer on the hand of the hero is always the same - Zlatoust diving watches for real men.

The Watch With History

Since the end of the 17th century, the most inquisitive minds have been trying to figure out how to make watch mechanisms impervious to water and moisture. And the masters of the 20th century finally succeeded – they developed and mass-produced a variety of chronometers for divers, for equipping sea and river vessels.

But from this mass, one always stood out especially – diving watches, which were produced by order of the Soviet Navy at the Zlatoust watch factory. In the 1950s and 60s, these legendary watches were the constant companions of almost every diver Of the Soviet Navy. This watch is unique! They still remain one of the largest wristwatches in the world, their diameter is 60 mm., not counting the crown and ears, and the weight is about 250 g.

Waterproof, shockproof - the stainless steel watch case easily withstood the most difficult conditions and a depth of more than 100 meters. And in the production of the famous luminous dial in those years, radioactive material was used.

In the early 1970s, the production of diving watches was discontinued, but the legends about them continued to live.

And the popularity that has not subsided over the years gave the Zlatoust legend a second chance – the production of diving watches was restored. Even the glow-in-the-dark dial was reproduced! But in the modern version of the watch, radioactive elements are excluded and replaced with materials that are safe for the owner's health.

Massive, powerful, solid, brutal... it's all about them! And they are very suitable for a strong and strong male wrist.

The famous diving watches produced by Zlatoust Watch Factory (namely, the Zlatoust masters created and continue to create this legend, everything else is a pathetic fake) are watches for real men!

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