More than a watch
The watches only have what is necessary. They do not need any accessories due to their clean design and self-sufficiency. Their raw, vibrant masculinity and complete reliability are the embodiment of their owners. Just watches. Only for men.
Manual assembly
Perfect finishing and high-accuracy manufacture even of the smallest parts are the indicators of extreme professionalism and high quality and reliability assurance of every piece.
Unique technologies
The synergy of the newest scientific research and the secrets of experienced craftsmen gives massive opportunities for experiments and enables to achieve the most surprising results. The dials made of Damascus steel with its distinctive patterns of banding or using the rarest Mokume-gane technique, zirconium, titanium or naval bronze cases. Every watch is unique and the only one in the world.
Zlatoust Watch owners
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chelyabinsk strongman presented Arnold Schwarzenegger with a watch and a model tank.

The annual Arnold Strongman Classic, the competition for the strongest people in the world, took place in Columbus, Ohio, for several days. Mikhail Koklyaev came to the tournament as Valeriy Savin’s coach. What is more, the strongman tried to break the world record in the single arm dumbbell power jerk. And, traditionally, the famous Chelyabinsk strongman presented gifts to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the founder of the competition.

Three athletes from Chelyabinsk were planning to take part in the Arnold Strongman Classic, but Alexey Serebryakov was denied the visa. So Chelyabinsk region was represented by Valeriy Savin and his coach Mikhail Koklyaev. This time the popular athlete decided to break the world record in the single arm dumbbell power jerk. He managed to lift 116.5 kg (256.8 lb) with his right hand, but the blister on his hand came off and didn’t let him secure the result.

Mikhail Koklyaev, who was wearing the Uralvagonzavod t-shirt, presented unique gifts to Arnold Schwarzenegger after the competition.

– In the photograph Arnold is holding a model tank T-90s from Uralvagonzavod and a 193 CHS dive watch from the Zlatoust Watch Factory, the first model in a titanium case. It was my pleasure to present them to him, God bless him, – Mikhail Koklyaev posted on his social network VKontakte page.

It is interesting to note that it was not the first gift that the Hollywood actor got from the Chelyabinsk athlete. In 2003 Mikhail Koklyaev presented Arnold Schwarzenegger with a greatcoat of a police academy colonel. The former Governor of California was genuinely glad about his unique souvenir. Last time he wore Russian military uniform while filming Red Heat in 1988. Arnold Schwarzenegger looked great in the Soviet militsioner (police officer) greatcoat as captain Ivan Danko. Mikhail Koklyaev «promoted» the actor to a higher rank and suggested a movie sequel.
Mikhail Koklyaev
Mikhail Koklyaev
Mikhail Koklyaev. The watch for the big man.

There are many famous people who own our watches. Mikhail Koklyaev is one of them. He is a strength sports athlete (weightlifting, powerlifting, power extreme). Octuple (!) Russian champion in weightlifting, weight class over 105 kg (231 lb), International Master of Sports in weightlifting, International Master of Sports in powerlifting according to WPC.

Mikhail is the owner of the 192 CHS watch. His friend gave it to him as a present several years ago. Mikhail says:

-– I like this watch because of its reliability: it does not break, it is easy to wind up and it always gives the right time. The watch is really unique! It looks simple and has a dial – nothing unnecessary, only luminous turquoise hands and markers. The person wearing such a «simple» timepiece does not seem simple at all. It is great! What is more, the watch matches my size (smiling). This is a big watch, and I am not small either. And if you are attacked, you can hurt your attacker with them too (laughing).

Mikhail Koklyaev says that military naval history is what is also important for him about the Zlatoust Factory watches.

– I served as a contract soldier in the Northern Fleet, – the strongman says, – that is why I know that divers used to wear Zlatoust watches on their forearms, closer to their elbows in order not to bring their wrists to their faces while working underwater. One look at them was enough to know how long a person had been underwater. That is why I also appreciate this watch as a professional marine accessory. I wear it almost every day, I just changed the straps – now they are of the Georgian ribbon colors. Nowadays the things that project power, masculinity and reliability are rare to see, and Zlatoust watches are just like that. I would like the factory to stay tradition-bound and maintain the reputation of the Soviet military high quality standard.
Kirill Sarychev
Kirill Sarychev
Zlatoust watches were seen in a strange but hugely popular show.

Zlatoust dive watches are especially famous among strong people and celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Game of Thrones star Hafþór Björnsson have them in their collections, Russian bodybuilders Mikhail Koklyaev and Sergey Badyuk use them to keep track of time between trainings. Powerlifting athlete Kirill Sarychev whose nickname is the Russian giant (@kirillsarychev) also stands out among the watches’ owners.

One of Sarychev’s signature features is his wrist watch, a 193 CHS dive watch from the Zlatoust Watch Factory with black leather straps. Not long ago Kirill appeared in his strange but hugely popular internet show wearing the watch on his strong wrist. The show got almost three million views in the first day which demonstrates its popularity. Five series of his Stone Faces show have over 50 million views in total.

Men stand in front of each other and exchange slaps in their faces. Kirill Sarychev is the judge. The established strongman and athlete makes sure that the slaps are correct: with an open palm, in the cheek, not the ear, etc. However, sometimes the Russian Giant is the one on the receiving end, but it is not about slaps…

– Once I was on set and a skinny guy approached me from my back, – Kirill says, – He sprinkled me with flour and was filming on his phone, waiting for my reaction. I rubbed my eyes, shook the stuff off and started moving towards him. He cringed, his face crinkled as if he was waiting for me to hit him, he went on filming though. I quietly took his phone and deleted the video. He started crying, can you imagine that? He told me: «Why have you deleted the video? I wanted some hype».

It is interesting to note that Kirill Sarychev, being the President of the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) and an International Master of Sports, can afford to regularly change his cars, but the timepiece on his wrist is always the same – the Zlatoust dive watch, the watch for real men.

More than a watch

The most inquisitive minds had been trying to understand how to make watch movements water- and moisture-proof since the end of the 17th century. And the craftsmen of the 20th century managed to do that: various chronometers for divers, sea and river vessels were developed and their mass-production was launched.

But one type of watches particularly stood out from all the rest – dive watches that were produced at the Zlatoust Watch Factory by the order of the Soviet Navy. In the 1950-60s these legendary watches were constant companions of almost every Soviet Navy diver. These watches are unique! They are now still among the biggest watches in the world, having the diameter of 60 mm (not including a crown and lugs) and weighing about 250 grams.

The watches are water- and shock-proof, their stainless steel cases stood the most severe tests and over 100-meter-submersion. Previously, radioactive materials were used in the well-known luminous watch dials.

In the early 1970s, the production of dive watches was discontinued, but the legend lived on.

And their ever-lasting popularity gave the Zlatoust legend the second chance – the dive watch  production was resumed. Even the luminous dial was reproduced! However, all the radioactive materials are removed and replaced with safe ones in today’s watches.

Massive, powerful, respectable, masculine men's watches... it's all about them! And they really compliment strong and sturdy wrists.

The famous Zlatoust dive watches (it is only Zlatoust craftsmen who created and continue to create the legend, everything else is a poor fake) are the watches for real men!

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